Jo Volt 12v With Added Sensation Arousing Tingling Serum .07 Ounce

Jo Volt 12v With Added Sensation Arousing Tingling Serum .07 Ounce

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  • Product Sku: VDL40375
  • Manufacturer: System Jo
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  • Release Date: December 13, 2013


JO VOLT Arousing Tingling Serum is a safe, nontoxic clitoral enhancement gel that starts tingling on contact. This "liquid vibrator" arouses and excites for a more intense, gratifying sensual experience. Just 1 drop electrifies and stimulates.

Made with all-natural pharmaceutical grade ingredients, JO VOLT contains no parabens, L-Arginine or hormones. It's safe for use with all toys and won't disrupt feminine pH.

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Feels so, so wonderful

It you've reached the age where menopause is taking over your life, this is a must have in your dresser drawer. I can live with the night sweats and hot flashes, but not being able to have an orgasm drives me crazy. I have to work so long and so hard, i'm completely exhausted when and if i finally reach the big O. But thanks to this wonderful invention, i have that tingling, arousing sensation back which makes me enjoy my orgasms , instead of struggling to have one. They are more intense and longer lasting than the ones i use to have when i was younger too. Totally AMAZING

Anonymous - October 27 2014

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